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Placing order on pcbcore.com is extremely easy! You take the first 3 minutes job, we take care of the rest!

 Step1: Register

Click the register now button on top right corner of the homepage to create an account. If you are existing account holder, please login first in order to access all the content of this site.

 Step2: Quote & Order

Fill the order form correctly online and the formal price will immediately jump out. If your quote parameters are NOT allowed by online quote system, please contact sales@pcbcore.com for quotation.

 Step3: Upload file

Before uploading file, please check all files carefully ensure they are your final design. Zip all the necessary files together, dont miss any layer.

 Step4: Make Payment

We have 5 different payment methods Credit card, PayPal, Western Union, wire transfer and monthly payment, choose the payment method at your convenience. Our finance policy is payment first than production.

 Step5: File checking & Order confirmation

We do free design checking before manufacturing. If any design error we will contact you as soon as possible. You will get e-mail notifications upon job confirmation with a scheduled shipping date, also a confirmation upon job shipment with tracking number.  

 Step6: Re-order

Re-order same job is very easy, login your account and search the previous order ID in the order history, click the re-order button, thats done. But remember that do not update design for repeat jobs.

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