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 Suggestions for saving your board cost:

1. Tracing &Spacing

Set board tracing & spacing as large as possible, although we can make 3mil, but challenge the limits will make the cost very high. Please understand that the min. spacing is the closest clearance between any two adjacent conductive patterns, including pad to pad, pad to trace, trace to trace.

2. Hole size

We can do 4mil laser drills, please request quote for such board via email. Our standard hole size is larger than 0.3mm, the smaller the hole size, the more expensive your board will be.

3. Annular ring

Annular ring mean the portion of conductive material completely surrounding a hole, our standard annular ring is 10mil, this rule applies to both component holes and vias.

4. Hole structure

Avoid blind and buried vias in the multi-layer design.

5. Lead time

Use standard delivery time if you are not hurry with boards, speeding production will cause extra cost. If your project is urgent, please enquiry detail via email. Further more our online lead time is just suitable for order quantity smaller than 1 sq meter. 




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