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Are you still worried about for losing your PCB manufacturing files Maybe you have to re-design before with very high price, but now you have an alternative to cloning the original board at low cost and time efficiency, request a quote please email to service@pcbcore.com.

Copy a printed circut board

We have the most advanced scanning technology and software technology to copy from single layer to complex multilayer PCB with all kinds of buried and blind via. Just need one board, we will send you everything you need to have your printed circuit board manufactured anywhere in the world, using industry standard data and file. If price for prototypes or production quantities are required, we will provide pricing after completing the Gerber file making, which could guarantee accurate pricing.

Caution: Considering of copyright issues to circuit board cloning, every customer must have the legal declaration of owing all the intellectual property rights.

How to get started                                                                                                        

1. Evaluate the cost based on the information you provide, a high resolution image of front and back sides will help too.

2. If you agree the quotation, send us just one piece unloaded board, but if you have more than 1 piece, that will be good just to avoid some accidents.

3. Upon receiving of board and we will return final quotation, basically the final quotation is same to the price we evaluated unless you provide wrong information, for example, if your multilayer board have blind and buried holes but you told its just standard multilayer board. You paid based on the final quotation, then we start working on your job.

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