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In order to increase the throughput of PCB manufacturing and SMT lines, PCBs are often panelized so that they consist of many replicated designes, this PCB cluster is called a panel. The large panel is broken up or "depaneled" as a certain step in the process - depending on the product, it may happen right after SMT process, after in-circuit test ICT, after soldering of through-hole elements, or even right before the final case-up of the assembly.

Panel type

Single design Panel

It’s free of charge to require us to panelize, email us the requirements, for example boards array in both X/Y coordinate, technique border, fiducial mark and so on….Then we will return the panel in pdf or gerber format for your final confirmation.

Multi-design Panel:

1.      Multi-design panelization must be done at customer’s side, we have no such boards merge service.

2.      Limit of 4 different designs per main panel

3.      We charge additional fee for each design you add to the panel, for example 2-layer board we charge $30/design.

4.      If all designs on the panel are square and the same size, V score is a good way or route connections

5.      Lead time maybe 1 day or 2 days delayed.

Panelization methods

The main considerations are V-scoring technique, routing with tab connections or with bridge connections, you can separate panel with light to moderate pressure after assembly, each method has its advantages and disadvantages:


One of the main benefits from V-Scoring is that has a better panel utilization compared to the routing technique, as V-scoring don’t need spacing between small units while routing requires a certain width of the routing bit.


It applied to all kind of board shape, while V-scoring technique only works with rectangular shape boards, also the routed board edge is very smooth except for the connection area, while V-cut will cause the board edge with burr after you breaking the units away.

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