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Product Quality                        
Every piece of PCB is manufactured under ISO9001 series quality control system. All the boards we shipped are UL proved and electrical tested. Quality is 100% guaranteed, we promise free re-fab of any fault board. Upon receiving your PCB and find that it is not satisfactory, you may have 2 options to proceed:
1. Request for a re-fab on your PCB
E-mail sales with a complain about the flaw. A digital photo showing the flaw would also be helpful. This should be done within the first week upon receiving the PCB when a request is agreed , we will fabricate and ship another set for you within a week at no additional charge. 
2. Request for a discount
Within the first week, email sales with intention of requesting a discount because of  the dissatisfied PCB, we will provide a discount as the case may be.
Customer Service Quality
Besides product quality we are dedicated to customer service. As a progressive company, PCBCORE has assembled a team of professional staffs to guarantee easy communication and quick response to your question or requirments, we also support online live chat at our working time. No matter small order or big order, we will treat every order with the same urgency and importance  as you do. If price, accracy, and respect is what you look for in a supplier, let us be your excellent supplier.
To the end, constructive criticism and suggestions are all welcomed. We will learn from our mistakes while not simply archive them out of sight. Please kindly feedback your commend to our manage department and guestbook.

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