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  Oriol Magrané(Spain) oriol@oriol.net on:
  I've just received my first pcbs from PCBCore and I couldn't be more happy with them. If you are looking for superb quality at low cost (prices are more than competitive) and a fast, efficient and completely personalized customer support, you have reach the definitive place. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you order your next boards with them. Just try it!

Manager Reply:
Thanks for your business and nice commend!
  Lee(Poland) on:
  Hi. I am interested in your offer, whether it is possible to produce 2 to 4 pieces of PCBs, or what is the minimum amount of the contract? What are the prices for similar size 100x150 mm PCBt?

Manager Reply:
Hi Lee, PCBCORE does not have MOQ, 1 piece order is also welcome Regarding the price, please contact us at sales@pcbcorecom, thanks, but better to quote and order online for protypes
  Robin Wainwright(Canada) robin@rwaudio.com on:
  I couldn't ask anything more of PCBCORE, great service and communication (Thank you Sun), great quality, fast service, lots of options. Most places charge huge amounts for different solder mask colors and finish options (gold plating etc.) Price was less than the competition with a faster turn around time! The paypal option makes payment much easier also!

Manager Reply:
Thanks Robin, expect more orders from you~~~
  Elca system(Italy) info@elcasystem.it on:
  Even in large supply excellent service, true professionals! Thanks SUN Franco

Manager Reply:
Franco, thanks for you nice commend again
  Javier Galvan(United States) javier.galvan25@gmail.com on:
  I received my first boards from PCBCORE. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the easy communication, rapid response, and excellent build quality with the board. I posted photos of the board on a forum and everyone commented on the excellent work. Thank you everyone at PCBCORE

Manager Reply:
Thank you, thank you, Javier Galvan, nice working with you!!!
  Zvonko Suhodolcan(Croatia) on:
  Hi, I am working on the design of PCB- in my company. I had the first order and everything was perfect. I'm very satisfied with the support and excellent quality PCBs. Price is also very good. I think I will continue cooperation in the future. I chose PCBCORE exclusively for their support and affordable prices. I think I chose well. -Zvonch,Croatia

Manager Reply:
Thank your Zvonch, hope your project will achieve mass production step soon.
  Lucas Redrup(Australia) Lucas.Redrup@ausenco.com on:
  I'm working for a University in Australia designing new PCB based products. The service that PCB core offer in terms of fast quotes, quality and customer service is in my opinion, second to none. I would recommend this company for both small orders (<20) as well as larger orders. Their online quoting system speeds the process up by allowing fast quoting and seems to be backed by a competent team of professionals who will quickly review and process your order. I recommend this service to everyone - Lucas, Australia.

Manager Reply:
Thank you for your recommendation, Lucas
  Sebastian Stenmark(Norway) sebastian_stenmark@hotmail.com on:
  I've just received my third PCB design from PCBCore, 100pcs of each design. They are excellent in terms of quality. I'm taking a master degree in technology, but I've never had PCB's printed before. Due to fast service and helpful staff, it was a joy. I'll recommend PCBCore to everyone thinking about having PCBs made, I'm sure you will never regret. Shipping is fast (to Norway), the packing is solid, and their prices are the lowest I've seen after some googeling. (At least in quantities of 100, like I've ordered). -Sebastian Stenmark, Norway

Manager Reply:
Hi Sebastian Stenmark, thanks for your comments and welcome your more orders in the future, we will keep excellent quality and service!!!
  Elca System(Italy) on:
  For me is the first buy PCB on line. Yesterday I have recived the material and I see it is then fine quality. The shipping in Italy is very fast. Franco

Manager Reply:
Thanks franco, really nice working with you
  Anatoly(Ukraine) sha@isr.lviv.ua on: 9/16/2008 1:35:00 PM
  I want produced PCB. 4layers. How I can make order?

Manager Reply:
Hi Anatoly, as I can see you were succeeding in making order in our site, thanks Need more assitance please contact at info@pcbcorecom, thanks
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